Family history

The quote from the book vietnamerica that i want to talk about is the quote that Gia Bao Tran father writes in what i think is a book that is from Confucius and it says ” A man without history , is a tree without roots”. this quote really sits with me because my family is big on its history my mother has been building a family tree for years. one thing that really hits me is that mine is incomplete. when i was younger i found out that i have an older brother that i never met , and it sucks because its like a piece of me that i still haven’t been able to obtain its part of my history that i probably will never see. This quote in the book also makes me realize that theirs another quote that talks about history where it says ” you cant know where your going, until you know where you been. I think Tran was correct in wanting his son to see the world where he was from. its hard to know where you from sometimes. i wonder if my older brother knows where he is from, or who his real dad is, or even his nationality.

Stiens style

I think stein’s style is original but confusing. ive never seen such a way of writing before in my life and ive read many books for school. To me this form of autobiography is unique in many way but also hard for me to call it an autobiography because of the way stein is telling it from Alice B. Tolkas view. the thing that’s hard for me is the feeling she puts into it. How did you know at that moment or any moment in the book how Alice felt the way she expresses the feeling of first meeting her an the way she talks about her self. like did Alice feel these things? or is it just from Gertrude steins point of view. for example in my version of the book page 3 it says “I have met several great
people but I have only known three first class geniuses and in each case
on sight within me something rang. In no one of the three cases have i been mistaken. In this way my new full life began.” The quote form the book caught my eye because its almost like being full of her self. Did Alice tell her that she was a great genius or did she interpret it that way. steins style is great but i would like to see a book written from Alice point of view.