Family history

The quote from the book vietnamerica that i want to talk about is the quote that Gia Bao Tran father writes in what i think is a book that is from Confucius and it says ” A man without history , is a tree without roots”. this quote really sits with me because my family is big on its history my mother has been building a family tree for years. one thing that really hits me is that mine is incomplete. when i was younger i found out that i have an older brother that i never met , and it sucks because its like a piece of me that i still haven’t been able to obtain its part of my history that i probably will never see. This quote in the book also makes me realize that theirs another quote that talks about history where it says ” you cant know where your going, until you know where you been. I think Tran was correct in wanting his son to see the world where he was from. its hard to know where you from sometimes. i wonder if my older brother knows where he is from, or who his real dad is, or even his nationality.

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